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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Preparing for March Visitors

Can you believe that tomorrow will be the first of March?  Spring is just around the corner, I hope, although the six inches of snow last night doesn't make it look like it. 

This month will bring lots of visitors and two visiting ministers.  Our first set of visitors will be about a dozen young people from MN and Bro. Dwayne & Sis. Connie Fehr (and children) from Saskatoon, Canada. 

The young folks will be staying at the Romberg Farm, where I will be preparing the noon meal.  Bro. Ed. decided to order roast beef for supper and have a potluck for all the other dishes.  After supper, Bro. Dwayne will be preaching a service for the young people and then the Sunday morning service at the Community Center.

I always love it when the young folks from MN come.  I have known them since Joel and I married and we have become close friends.  Some of them made the four hour trip to our house after I had my last baby to bring a months' worth of meals and to spring clean the house for me.  Is it any wonder I think the world of them?!

Bro. Dwayne and Sis. Connie are very dear as well.  Sis. Connie is very regal and everything an English lady should be.  I truly admire her.  She dresses very fashionably, yet modestly and I love her interior decorating abilities.  She reminds me of a queen.  

Our next visiting minister will be Bro. Jewel Forney and his wife, whom I've never met. They are a black couple from North Carolina and therefore, have quite the southern accent compared to our northern one.  He has an awesome testimony of being kicked out of school at a young age.  He never learned to read, but when he came to the Lord, He asked God to teach him to read the Bible.  He picked it up and started reading.  God is so gracious to His children!

I have already taken care of the airplane and motel reservations as well as the rental of the Community Center for the services.  Next on the agenda will be planning the menus.

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