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Friday, September 20, 2013

When Others Make Big Mistakes

"We are all going to make mistakes. Just remember. And when you're looking at one another, don't look at the other person's mistake. See, don't do that, because, remember, you make mistakes, too. But look to Christ who is guiding this person. And if they need some help, then you pray for them. That's the way we get along, see, pray. And, remember, when you are praying for somebody else in that kind of a fix, God will honor and heal you when you're praying for somebody else. That's right. That's what Christianity is based upon, to help one another, do for one another, be kind to one another, understanding to one another. Now, if you see your neighbor's mistake, you see where they've went wrong, don't go wrong with them, but just pray for them. Just keep praying, and God will understand that. He'll make everything right." (WB)

† "And I recognized the other day, a selfish spirit coming up in me of saying, "This man's wrong. I ought to tell him about it." That's wrong. God's the One to tell him about it. That's not... It's none of my business. But my business is preach the Gospel and love everybody, and move on and love my enemies, as
 Jesus Christ loved me when I was His enemy. That's right. When I was unlovely, He--He loved me to His bosom. And anybody that's unlovely, let me love them the same. Let the Spirit that was in Christ, be in us."  (WB)

"The possibilities of helpfulness in speech are almost infinite. One who has a consecrated tongue, a tongue thoroughly imbued with love, and completely under the sway of grace, can be the inspirer of all that is holy and beautiful in others, a comforter of sorrow, an encourager of those who are disheartened, a guide to inexperience, and in a thousand ways, a helper of fellow pilgrims. We should think much of the ministry of our own speech. If only we learn how to use the marvelous power we have in our tongues for Christ , there is no danger that our lives will not be worth while." J.R. Miller

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Elisabeth said...

Wow! I love those quotes of Bro. Branham's. That speaks to me right now where I'm at.

Thanks, Lily.