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Friday, October 17, 2014

Patience, Persistence and Plain-Ol' Hard Work

This summer Isaac was asked by an elderly lady if he would tend her lawn.  He  was overjoyed at the prospect of being able to earn money and undertook this venture with gusto.

Every penny was hard-earned and curiously enough was put into one of three categories.  He paid 10% in tithes and put some into offering, he then put a certain portion into long-term savings.  The rest of the money was put into short-term savings. 

A new bicycle was first on his agenda, that is until he took his money into the bike shop.  Finding that a brand-new bike could cost up to $250.00, he decided to take a look at the used bikes.  He found one that would be perfect for the jumps he intended to do, made sure he had enough money to purchase "pegs" and was indeed one happy boy.

Next on his wish-list was a new gun for the fall hunting season.  Having checked them out on every visit to Fleet Farm, he knew that every penny he earned for the rest of the summer, would have to be saved if his wish was to become reality.  He worked hard and saved every penny.  Finally, the day arrived when he and Dad went to Fleet Farm to purchase his new gun, with his own, hard-earned cash.  He came home with a 243 Remington 770 bolt-action Rifle.

So many valuable lessons were learned.  He would remind me to look at her lawn when we drove past.  Most often there was a satisfied note of pride in a job well-done, but occasionally there was the panicked note of, "Oh, no!  It needs to be mowed again!" 

So proud of the man my little boy is becoming!

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