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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sick Day

To be perfectly honest, some of my fondest memories are of sick days.  My mom always made a pot of hot chocolate and cinnamon toast.  She also ran a tub of hot water with Epsom Salt ~ Epsom Salt made everything feel better.  But really, despite the fact that hot chocolate & white bread with sugar are not healthy, they made me feel better.  Simply because mom let me know by those things that she cared.

I knew something was wrong when Kara did not come down at 6:15 am to start Joel's truck for him.  (She is not required to get up at that time, or to start his truck, she does it "just because".)  When she came down, she was feverish, as was Isaac.  I gave them both Tylenol and made Kara comfortable on the couch while Isaac crawled into our bed.

Several hours later we finished reading, "The Warrior's Challenge" by Dave & Neta Jackson.  We had been transported from our own sicknesses, to the world of a young Indian, who had to choose between being a "christian Indian" and the traditional way of life.  We felt the pain he suffered, we entered into his withdrawal and bitterness at being treated unfairly, we cried when his best friend died.  Despite never having known this young man, our lives have been made richer and brighter because of him.

So, I have learned to give thanks for the sick days as well as the "healthy" days.  No words can describe the shared experience of reading an excellent book together.


Elisabeth said...

Those are good memories - reading a book together. I don't know if I could have read for several hours though... I would have been falling asleep, especially when it's the afternoon. Then it's hard for me to just get through a children's book. lol

Anna said...

That was a good day. :) And I might add, that it was so nice, on that sick morning (a different one) in which I struggled with being grumpy, somebody was still cheerful. Just hearing you talk cheerfully comforted me and helped me to bear up. :)