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Friday, March 16, 2012

Working Together As a Family

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday.  She normally plans a birthday party with the whole family, but this year she didn't and so my husband, Joel, being Mr. Intuitive, and knowing she was feeling blue with her mom passing away recently, decided to help her out.

She is an amazing cook and really enjoys good food...sooo we're preparing a nice birthday meal for her.

Joel inherited her love for cooking and will be making the pork tenderloin.  He was feeling under the weather last night, so I made the rub and put it on the T-loin, but he plans to do the rest.  I was in charge of making the German chocolate cake, but Kara REALLY wanted to make it, along with the braised brussel sprouts, so I decided to write this post instead! ;)  Anna is our baker and is making home-made bread.  Isaac will be preparing a strawberry - spinach salad and Becca is in charge of making the lemonade.

I love working together as a family.  "Many hands truly do make light work!"  But more importantly is the time spent together.  We do most everything that way, whether it's cleaning, cooking, gardening or fishing.

When I was younger, I had a friend who did all of the work for her family.  I always felt so sorry for her.  She never complained, but it just didn't seem right for her to be working while her mom napped, read books, or went shopping. 

On the other hand, I've met so many newly married young ladies, who were greatly handicapped because they had no idea how to do any of the normal household duties.  So this is my solution to the world's problem!  We work together.  My kids are learning the necessary life skills they will need, but I don't feel like they are doing "my" work, because I'm working right along with them.

Anyway, we want to make Nannie's day very special.


Elisabeth said...

We used to work a lot more together when the kids were younger but now that the boys are older, we don't as much. Our family dynamics have changed now that the 2 oldest boys have graduated. It makes me nostalgic thinking back to their younger days.

That's very sweet and thoughtful for you to do this for you MIL. Hope it all turns out delicious.

Lily said...

I know that day is coming for me too. I have tried very hard to prepare myself and my girls that we will probably be seperated by many miles. I think that's why I've poured myself into raising my kids the way I have. I'm enjoying every moment I can with them. (By the way, I know I'm not really prepared for them to leave, but I know of so many moms who make their kids feel guilty for leaving them instead of encouraging them to bloom where God plants them.) I'm doing my best to enjoy every moment while I can!