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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lack of Airplane Love

I have many memories that are associated with airplanes.  My husband proposed to me after we had spent all day at the Dayton Air Force Museum.  We went to the EAA when Anna was two weeks old. Kara climbed out of her stroller and wandered off, while I was taking Anna to look at the inside of an airplane and Joel was gazing in awe at the Blue Angels, at the Dayton Air Show.  (Thankfully, I heard her crying and reclaimed her!)  We've spent many warm, summer days staring up into the sky.

One would think with all this exposure to airplane history I would have absorbed at least a little of my husband's enthusiasm, but to be honest, I'm in love with my man, (who loves airplanes) but not with the machines themselves.  My husband stops dead in his tracks every time a plane goes over, names the make, model, engine size, and pilot who's flying that beauty without batting an eye.  On the other hand, my eyes glaze over, and I can't distinguish between a B-59 and an F-16!

It should have come as no surprise that our son would follow in his father's footsteps.  It's been really neat to watch Joel pass on his knowledge and passion for airplanes.  And that's the way I wanted it to remain.  But alas, that is not to be.

You see, I have been searching for something which my son is passionate about, so that I can use it as a medium with which to encourage further academic learning.  He's made a zillion Lego airplanes this week and watched several DVDs about them.  I do believe I've found my medium.  I fear I am destined to learn all about airplanes. 

I found a free aviation unit study on-line  and he is enthralled with these Andy's Airplane clips.  I've ordered a ton of books from the library and a few more DVDs.

So next time you see me, be prepared to be inspired with all of my new-found knowledge of airplanes.  Who knows, I may even become smitten!

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