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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wood Violets From My Turkey-Slayer!

These are the beautiful wood violets my husband delighted me with from his hunting trip!

Smokey Falls on the Menominee Indian Reservation

Bro. Jewel & Sis. Vanessa Forney
Such a fun-loving couple!  We laughed all week-end, besides being blessed and encouraged spiritually. 
I thought it was very interesting that pig's tail is a delicacy in N. Carolina, due to the fact that the slave masters (way back when) would often give the unwanted parts of the hogs they ate to the slaves.  The slaves learned to cook the tails, ears, and chitterlings in an appetizing manner and their descendants consider them a delicacy!

The victorious turkey slayer, grilling our ham for tomorrow!

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