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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kitchen Organization

There is some gene within me that longs for organization.  I strive really hard to be organized, but life happens and little helpers don't always put things back where they belong and so my life is not always neatly organized. 

Lately, even after cleaning the house, I had this nagging unrest, because I knew what was hiding behind those kitchen cabinet doors.  Wednesday, I gathered my crew and we completely re-organized the kitchen.  I did not take before pictures, I was too embarrassed.  But here are some of the after ones.

The spices were originally contained in a drawer, in small glass containers with each spice name "Chives" etc. written on the top.  There was not enough room for everything so it became very difficult to find the spice I was looking for. 

My other problem was the little spice containers were about half the size of the containers that the bulk spices come in, therefore, I had the other half down in the basement.  Instead of refilling each small container, as needed and returning the unused portion back to the basement shelf, too often the big container was shoved into the drawer without bothering to refill the smaller one.

So, I decided to just use the plastic containers that I purchase my spices in.  Knowing the harmful effects of plastic containers, I plan to slowly replace them with pint, glass, canning jars.  (I tried that in this cabinet, but they were too tall to fit on the shelves.  Later, I thought of placing the jars on their sides with the marked lids visible.) Next week's project?

Before, I tried to stuff all of my baking ingredients into one small cabinet (because that was the only one available).  I decided to put all of my dishes in the dining room hutch and use those six cabinets for my baking area.

Like ingredients are corralled together in baskets, (honey, molasses, maple syrup, & xylitol) making it easier to access the top shelf.

The glass gallon jars of flour and sugar would not fit in this cabinet, so I used an empty freezer basket as a slide out drawer in the cabinet directly under this one. (They were still too tall, so I dug out some old plastic ones until I can figure out a solution.)  These cabinets happen to be very deep and things tend to get lost in all the space, therefore the makeshift drawers.

Mixing bowls and glass measuring cups are also housed there.

The cabinets really need to be repainted but they will have to be content to be clean this year.

This cabinet is the snack and pasta catch all.  I had a basket for the chips but they would not all fit, therefore they are as you see them.

Cups, pitchers, protein shakes and thermoses now abide in my old baking cabinet.  (A much better fit!) 
Since the bread box & butter are here by the 'fridge, the toaster is now on the bottom shelf.  (As well as the dish detergent & dishwasher detergent.)  I need to find a basket for them to hide in.
They were originally under the sink, along with other cleaning agents, but I assigned them a new home in the basement to make room for the cookie sheets, cooling racks, potatoes and onions.

I will not bore you with the other half of my kitchen organization efforts, but suffice it to say that I am quite pleased with the outcome.


Anna said...

I'm so glad we did this. Looks way better, Mom. :) Thanks.

Elisabeth said...

Organization! It's something that makes you feel so much better and because of life, it's also something that we have to revisit continually.

I love your solution to the hard-to-reach-in cabinet (the freezer basket) and 6 cabinets to use - that's fantastic. You can never have too many cabinets.