This blog is simply the telling of one helpmeet and mother's quest to fulfill her God-ordained destiny. It is written with the hopes that other young women will embrace their calling to be godly wives and mothers; that they will be encouraged to love their husband and children and will find contentment in being keepers at home.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Loving My Destiny

Do you know what God has called you to do?  Are you certain what His purpose is for your life?  There was a point in my life that I wasn't really sure.  I had just graduated from high school and I didn't know which direction to turn.  Should I attend college to be a teacher or a nurse?  Should I continue with my cleaning and babysitting jobs or should I look for something that would pay a bit more money? 

I began to earnestly seek God for direction.  I talked with my parents and my pastor's wife about attending college.  My parents were very hesitant about me going to college, but left the decision up to me.  Sister Becky Coffey relayed her experience and how she decided not to attend college at that time in her life. 

Being a student of human nature, I noted that most of the women I knew who had attended college, were not content to stay home to raise their families.  Possibly because of the financial burden of student loans.  But what if I didn't marry?  Was it possible to attend college and yet remain committed to being a keeper at home as Titus 2 encourages?  There were far more questions than answers.

And then one day as I was driving to work, God spoke to me through the sermon I was listening to.  I do not remember which one it was, but I knew deep in my heart that it was God's answer to my questions.  The minister relayed how refreshing it was for a man, who had toiled all day, to come home to his wife.  He went on to say that the highest calling on earth, for a woman, was to be a wife and mother. 

There was such a peace in my heart.  I had no idea when, or how, or even who I was called to be a help meet to, but I knew what God's will was for my life. 

I researched every scripture that I could find about women, wives and mothers.  I combed through message after message searching for any nugget about how to do what God had called me to do, to the best of my ability. 

It was five years before I met my future husband.  He was born and raised in Wisconsin, and I was from Ohio.  His parents had attended services at the church I grew up in when I was a baby.  Dad heard that their church was having special services and since it had been twenty years since they had any contact with them, decided that we would take a mini vacation to Wisconsin. 

God always works on both ends.  My future husband had been praying for God's will in finding a wife.  He had prayed that God would send the one he was supposed to marry to their Memorial Day services. 

Joel came and sat at our table and we started talking.  He then drove us to the Menominee Indian Reservation and showed us some of the sights.  Before we left he asked for my address and asked me if I would like his card.  I said yes and he handed me a bright orange card that had "My Card" written on it.  (Love his sense of humor!)

We kept the postman busy delivering letters and our phone bills were horrendous.  He came to visit me once a month.  I knew that this was the man God had called me to help.  We read the Bible together over the phone, and discussed EVERYTHING.  He told me that he really wanted a wife that would stay home and raise his family, but that he didn't make a whole lot of money. 

On his visit in October, he had taken me out to eat and I thought for sure he was going to ask me to marry him, but he didn't.  (He had hinted that this visit was going to be really special.)  On our way home, he stopped at a BP gas station.  He went inside and when he came out he handed me a package. It was a square, crystal case.  Inside, wrapped in a paper towel, was a beautiful engagement ring.  He asked, "Will you?"  A thousand thoughts raced through my mind.  This was it...if I said yes, in God's eyes, I would be his wife from that moment on.  Did I love him with a I Corinthians 13 love?  Did I want his happiness more than mine?  In my heart I knew he was God's perfect will for my life.  God had called me to be a helpmeet to this man.  I knew life would not be worth living, without him.  And so I said yes.

We were married three months later and I have been in love with my destiny ever since.

The road has been rough at times.  We've faced a lot of trials and battles, but having someone to go through the battles by your side makes the load so much easier to bear.

God has been faithful to supply our needs.  We have never had an abundance of wealth, but every bill has been paid on time, we've a nice place to live and more than enough food to eat.   Living on one income, may not be possible in today's society, but we serve a God of the impossible.  We have found Him faithful time and again.

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