This blog is simply the telling of one helpmeet and mother's quest to fulfill her God-ordained destiny. It is written with the hopes that other young women will embrace their calling to be godly wives and mothers; that they will be encouraged to love their husband and children and will find contentment in being keepers at home.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Romantic Moments

We were busy with the normal meal preparations, when my dear husband came into the kitchen and invited me to a date.  "Would you like to go hunting with me, tomorrow?", he asked.  I hadn't been "hunting" with him in a long time.  You see "hunting" with Dad is a coveted event in our household and there are always more willing candidates than available seats in the truck.  And so it was decided that I woud go hunting on the morrow.

The kids wondered what they would do without me.  Becca's eyes and nose were red-rimmed from crying, because she was going to miss me so much.  We discussed different options and the older girls decided to do some shopping while Isaac and Becca stayed at Nannie's house.  (I was pretty certain Becca would be fine...we were only going to be separated until supper the next evening.)

We rose at 5:00 a.m., ate breakfast, packed a picnic lunch and were off.  As is customary, my husband stopped at Bolt's Bakery and purchased his favorite, Nutty Persians. 

After settling down in my assigned spot, I must admit, I fell asleep.  We sat (or should I say) he sat, while I slept for three hours.  I was a bit chilled by that time and it felt good to walk back to the truck.

We drove to another part of the reservation, gathered our lunch and went for a long hike through the woods.  Our picnic spot was a little piece of heaven on earth.  We sat in a clearing at the very top of a hill that overlooked Pecore creek.  It bubbled and sang softly as it cascaded over a beaver's dam.  The sun was shining brightly and warmed our faces while overhead an immature eagle circled lazily. 

We sat and talked for a couple of hours, while the peace and serenity of our surroundings permeated our spirits. 

We've been to some really fine restaurants and enjoyed some really good meals, but in all honesty, they could never compare to those humble turkey sandwiches and apples we shared out in God's great outdoors.

I told my husband that is where I want him to build my wickiup.  He just laughed and stated he enjoys his modern conveniences too much to live in a wickiup.  He also reminded me of the mosquitos (they are Wisconsin's state bird, for those of you who didn't know).  Not really, they are huge and numerous, though.

We arrived home to a tidy house and hot turkey pot pie.  Becca survived and only cried when she was hungry.  Isaac had some difficulties fixing the pizza for lunch, as he wasn't sure how to get Nannie's oven turned on, but luckily we had Anna's cell phone with us, so I walked him through that slight complexity.  The girl's had joined their Aunt in a shopping spree and a good day was had by all.


Gracie said...

God bless you, Sister Lily! I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading you and your daughter Anna's blogs so much. They are always refreshing and Godly and you both have such great testimonies. Thank you for setting such a fine example of what a Godly wife and mother should be for us younger women coming up. It's really encouraging to me to know that people such as you love God so much and strive always to serve and please Him :)
God bless you :)

Anna said...

Thank you, Gracie! Praying God grants the desires of your heart.

Lily said...

Sorry about that. That comment was from Lily not Anna, Gracie.

Gracie said...

Thank you :)