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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Remake

When Joel bought me a portable dishwasher, we were left with a 40" opening that was just begging to be filled with a cabinet.  Since I didn't have a cabinet,  I prayed about it, and filled that space with our hutch.  The hutch looked a little out of place, but it was a practical place to store dishes and all the pots and pans.  It remained in the kitchen for nearly two years until I saw this cabinet listed on our local Craig's list for $20.00.


To be honest I had my doubts when I saw these pictures, but the cabinet was solid and had a drawer and slide out shelves, which I really wanted.  I decided since it was only $20.00, I'd take a chance and see what  a little paint, TLC, and elbow grease would do for it.

We need to cut and attach the counter top, but I'm pretty happy with it.  And I'm very thankful that God cares and answered my prayer for this kitchen cabinet!

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