This blog is simply the telling of one helpmeet and mother's quest to fulfill her God-ordained destiny. It is written with the hopes that other young women will embrace their calling to be godly wives and mothers; that they will be encouraged to love their husband and children and will find contentment in being keepers at home.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

"Line of Duty"


Since last September, I have been struggling with symptoms of planters fasciitis. I had claimed my healing and was believing that no matter what happened God was my healer. For the last two weeks, I have been re-organizing/cleaning the basement (So thankful that job is finished!) As Friday is my "normal" house cleaning day, I planned to clean, but my feet were hurting so badly that I couldn't. When I went to tuck Becca into bed last night, I literally could not walk.

This morning I was up at 3:00 a.m. with my feet feeling as if they were on fire and my legs aching. Joel and I had been discussing how that Paul of Tarsus, had asked God three times to heal his eyes, but God replied, "My grace is sufficient for thee."  Joel stated that we need to find out what God’s will is in each situation and if it is His will to heal us, we can have faith knowing that God cannot lie, but if God says, “No”, we need to be content knowing He knows what is best for us.

I just believed God would heal me.  I had never asked Him what His will was in the matter.  What if He had a bigger plan?  What if He was trying to teach me a lesson?  Could I be content if His answer was “No”?  There is only one way to find out what God’s will is and that’s to ask Him.  I began to sincerely ask God what His will was in this situation.


When I had finished praying, I read these words:

“They were on their road marching then, come out, there was a Pillar of Fire before them, and they marched on to the Red Sea. And when they got there, right in the line of duty laid an obstacle. And first thing you know, fear struck them, and they didn't know what to do. 
That's the way people does today. When fear strikes them when they're right in the path of duty… Listen, brother, let me say this: If you're walking in the light, having fellowship with God, with His people, and the Holy Spirit is upon you, and you meet an obstacle right in the path of duty, don't stop, just keep pressing on. God will make a way through it. That's one of the greatest experiences of my life, is to see God. When I can't get over it, get under it, get around it, or anyway, God opens up a way and I go through it. Somehow or another His grace is sufficient to carry us through it.


As a helpmeet to my husband, my “line of duty” includes preparing the house for services every Sunday and Wednesday.  As a mother, my “line of duty” includes tucking my children into bed every night. 

I began listening to this message and God let me know, beyond a shadow of doubt that His will was for me to be healed.


 About half way through the message I felt impressed to begin cleaning out my refrigerator.  Once that was clean, I cleaned the kitchen, then the dining room, the bathroom and finally, our bedroom.  The pain in my feet left completely.  To God be the glory!


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